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LINC2018, next year’s largest Leader event, to be held in Finland

LINC (Leader Inspired Network Community) is an annual meeting of Leader groups. LINC seminars have been held since 2010, and next year the host country will be Finland.

The seminar is always organised by Leader groups, and national rural network services provide support. Organisers of previous and future LINC seminars also meet once a year. This year, that meeting was held in Vienna in early November. The purpose of the meetings is to discuss how future seminars could be even better: what things were learned from previous seminars and what new things could be tried out. The host countries for the next years are also selected. A close-knit network has emerged among the Leader groups that have organised LINC seminars, and they collaborate in other areas besides the LINC seminars. Operators in the LINC network have executed several international projects, and the annual meeting is leveraged as a forum for cooperation.

Piia Poikonen (Leader Varsin Hyvä), Johanna Vanhatalo and Ulla Kallio (Leader Ravakka) at the LINC network meeting in Vienna.

The LINC seminar has been held in Finland once before, in 2013. The principal organising group was Leader Ylä-Savon Veturi. The next LINC event will be held in western Finland on 12–14 June 2018, organised by the Leader groups Ravakka, Varsin Hyvä, Karhuseutu, Pohjois-Satakunta, Varsinais-Suomen jokivarsikumppanit, I Samma Båt and Pyhäjärviseutu. Some 300 participants from Leader groups around Europe are expected to attend. Signing up for the LINC2018 event will begin in January. Further information is available on the website

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Date updated: Feb 17, 2020