Approaching multi-locality through influencer collaboration

The late autumn’s #unelmaelämäämaaseudulla (living the dream in the countryside) campaign approached current multi-locality in different ways and through different people. The campaign also strove to break down peoples’ preconceptions about the countryside and avoid placing it in opposition with cities. Instead, the topic was approached through stories and examples, with positivity and opportunity as the main priorities.

The campaign’s message was spread by social media influencers from across Finland. Influencers were selected based on how closely their values and followers fit the campaign’s goals. The campaign wanted to reach people living in the countryside, people who are interested in living in the countryside or dream of doing so and young adults who have a stable lifestyle. The campaign ran in November 2021, primarily on Instagram but also on YouTube.

The campaign’s influencers were Hermanni Hyyryläinen, Inari Fernandez, Stella Harasek, Olga Oinas-Panuma, Sami Takarautio, Elias Törnberg, Kati Pilli-Sihvola, Tuomas Nykänen, Åsa Knuutila and Yasmin Kallava.

The campaign achieved an excellent level of visibility and overall commitment. It received over one million views, and its content was viewed approximately 250,000 times. The subject was widely discussed in the influencers’ comment sections, and many viewers applauded efforts to highlight it and commented approvingly on the implementation of the campaign.

The influencers’ followers also participated actively in the conversation, expressed interest in the countryside, shared their own tips and told stories about how varied the experience of living in the countryside can be.

The campaign’s content can be found on Instagram in the announcements and highlights of the @MaaseutuFi account and by searching for #unelmaelämäämaaseudulla.

Date updated: Jan 28, 2022