This is Finland

Amiable and rich in nuances, Finland is a country of extremes that leaves no one indifferent. In Finland, a cold winter and a hot summer, east and west, natural reserve and vivacity, the open sea and dense forests, an international spirit and roots deep in the native soil all come together in complete harmony. Are you attracted to an urban lifestyle, or would you rather get away from it all, finding peace in nature?

Did you know?

Finland´s Surface area is 338,434 km², placing the republic in 64th place among the world´s countries.
Finland´s population is 5,479,015, placing the country in 115th position in an international comparison.

People living in Finland have plenty of elbowroom - the population density is 18 people per square kilometre. Nevertheless, more than 60% of the Finns live in an area indicated in dark colour on the map.

Kuva suomen vakiluku kartta
Date updated: Oct 10, 2022

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