Digital service collects field data to help the farmer

Precision agriculture means that the farmer targets production inputs and measures on the basis of data obtained from the lands. In Finland technologies for precision farming have been developed for decades, but it is still not very common. Now this is being addressed by a joint innovation project of researchers, advisers, companies and farmers.

The aim is to create a digital service that integrates data from various sources for use by farmers.
– At the moment the data on agricultural land areas lands is scattered and does not serve the
farming operations in the best possible way, says Petri Linna, Project Manager from the Tampere
University of Technology.
– Through better data management we could improve the efficiency of farming in quite a different
way than through actions such as buying bigger machines.

A good example of more efficient data collection is the yield scanner that enables the collection of
precise yield data from fields and helps to optimise fertilisation and other farming operations.
– Besides this, the use of drones on farms is just getting started, Linna says.

More information: Petri Linna, Project Manager, Tampere University of Technology
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Date updated: Feb 17, 2020