Energy efficiency coordination project (ended in 2017)

We disseminate key topical information on project activities, energy efficiency and renewable energy.

See what's going on in Finland in the field of energy efficiency and energy production! These are developed in various projects around Finland. We will join you on-site and plan activities together. Let's collect the best tips and bring them to everyone's attention as images, stories and videos. Let's organise demonstrations together. The material and projects are compiled on a website to be completed early in the year.

We seek to provide illustrative information on energy even for Leader activities, say, for the energy-related restoration of village houses.


Energy counselling of farms is funded through the Neuvo2020-system, which is free of charge for farmers. In addition, investments in renewable energy are supported by means of investment subsidies. Companies receive funding for energy efficiency and investment support for the use of renewable energy. In purchases promoting energy efficiency and energy savings, companies are eligible for higher support when they conclude an energy efficiency agreement.

​Services – the development of energy efficiency

The energy advisors of the farms' Neuvo2020 system can be found in the register of advisors of the Finnish Agency for Rural Affairs. The key energy service in the Neuvo2020 system is the farm energy plan on the basis of which it is easy to find the most profitable measures to reduce energy costs.

Companies have the opportunity to a subsidised energy review. In order to be eligible for the investment subsidy, calculations are required of the profitability of the investment and energy savings. Energy services are available for that purpose, among others, but major savings can be achieved even without investments. In addition to individual operators, the energy advisory service for consumers, a centralised service run by Motiva, is responsible for energy advice for consumers.

The project Energy Efficiency for Competitiveness in Rural Areas will compile, on the website, even other calculators and tools suitable for independent energy calculation.

Political and strategic programmes

The objectives and means of the Rural Development Programme are linked to national and EU-level programmes and strategies. The development of sustainable and competitive rural areas can be promoted in numerous ways even at the regional level. More information about the regional development programmes as well as the national and international programmes will be available on the future website of the project Energy efficiency for competitiveness in rural areas.

The project website is open

The project website is open.

The website contains material and links on various topics, including Energy Services, Projects and Development, Funding and Topical issues.

The section Upcoming events will include details of events related to energy and energy efficiency. Send the details of your event to us e.g. via the feedback function, and we will post it on the website. The only requirement is that the event has already been published elsewhere on the web.

Projects and developers on the map

We are currently preparing a map service for projects and initiatives related to energy and energy efficiency, and for interesting destinations for visits. If you have a related project or an interesting destination in mind, inform us about the project or energy destination!

Date updated: Feb 17, 2020