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Why fibre?

A reliable high-speed internet connection is becoming a basic utility similar to water and electricity. Only fibre technology enables connections that are fast enough for every purpose.

Fibre is the fastest internet technology

High-speed internet is essential for strong economic growth, job creation and welfare, and for making sure that all citizens have access to the content and services they desire. The economy of the future is web- and knowledge-based, and built around the internet. Europe and Finland need high-speed and ultra-fast internet connections that are widely available at reasonable prices.

Fixed fibre connections can be used to build a digital service network for regions, municipalities and village communities. High-speed fibre access creates cost-efficiency and a homogeneous quality of service for network users and service production. High-speed fibre connections provide municipality residents with equal access to digital services irrespective of where they live.

High-speed broadband availability boosts the competitiveness and vitality of municipalities by offering a wider variety of services and new sources of income. Future municipal services include new electronic health services and eServices.

A high-speed fibre connection enables the use of future as well as current services and solutions. All the data communications services needed in a home are available through a single connection.

High quality services for watching TV and working from home

A fast fibre connection takes your TV viewing experience to a whole new level. You can watch television and movies whenever suits you the best. You will always enjoy HD quality, and even 3D after TV technology takes a few more steps forward. The connection is stable and does not suffer from congestion.

Fast fibre access offers a flexible and reliable remote working environment, and easy access to most public services and other eServices.

A new way of studying

Education makes use of state-of-the-art learning environments and enables access to a vast amount of knowledge without leaving the home. Fast connections allow schools to expand their course offering, enabling location-independent studying and real-time online attendance.

Tools for business and communications

A fibre-connected home creates business opportunities for private entrepreneurs who are increasingly going digital. They are able to provide a great number of digital services, run an online store or provide other similar services from their home. Fast connections also allow small business owners such as hairdressers and massage therapists to create an online booking calendar and do marketing in a variety of online services. Automation and IoT systems can be designed to allow reliable remote control.

Fast internet also enables diverse social networking opportunities for the elderly, bringing faraway friends and family closer. High-speed fibre also means security, enabling a variety of security solutions from remote camera surveillance to alarm services. A fast fibre connection always provides a reliable long-term long foundation for such services.

Date updated: Feb 4, 2022