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Aid from national authorities

Aid for Village Network projects from the Rural Development Programme

The Rural Development Programme accepts aid applications for broadband construction projects in a village or group of villages. Eligible aid applicants include municipalities, associations, cooperatives and small or medium-sized enterprises. The aid covers 50 or 70 per cent of total costs.
Applications are submitted to either an ELY Centre or a Leader group.
More information: (in Finnish)

Broadband aid under the Fast Broadband project

The aim of the project is to ensure with state aid that fast broadband networks are built in areas where their commercial availability is unlikely. The project offers state aid to cover the cost of building high-speed broadband networks. The aid is available for projects involving fibre networks enabling fast data transmission.

Applications for state broadband aid are submitted to FICORA.
More information (in Finnish):

Date updated: Feb 21, 2022