Finnish LAGs in a nutshell

  • 55 Leader action groups in Mainland Finland
  • one LAG in the autonomous province of Åland (the Åland Islands)
  • Finnish Leader action groups are registered non-governmental associations (NGOs)
  • Municipalities, associations and local rural residents must be equally represented in the decision-making boards of the associations.
  • Total public funding for the LAGs over the years 2007-2013 amounted to €252.72 million, varying between €2.5 million and €6.8 million per LAG.
  • The LAGs aim to finance about 7,000 projects, including 300 transnational cooperation projects, during the current programming period 2007- 2013

Participation open to all

The areas covered by a single LAG have on average 45,000 inhabitants, ranging from 14,000 to almost 100,000 inhabitants. Any local resident may take part in their local group’s activities by running or participating in a project, or by becoming a member of the LAG, which is a registered rural development association. Read more

The tripartite principle

The activities of LAGs are steered by their boards. Boards must have tripartite structures, with one third of board members being municipal officials and appointees, one third being representatives of local associations, and one third being individual rural residents and enterprises. Read more