Diamond drill bits from Muurame

Suomen Timanttituote Oy is a manufacturer and seller of diamond drill bits and diamond blades operating in Muurame. In addition to its basic products the company manufactures blades and bits customized directly for the client in addition to its basic products. It has received Leader support for its operations.

Suomen Timanttituote Oy was incorporated in 1988. At first, the company operated as a contractor, but since 1996 the manufacture and sale of diamond drill bits and diamond blades for the stone industry has been its speciality. Along with the manufacture of drill bits and saw blades, the company has started to import and sell machines that use the bits and blades it manufactures. Import has been focused on products unavailable in Finland. Businesses in the building trade make up the company’s clients.

Specialized diamond drill bits are built on a blank like the one held by Janne Maunuksela.

Special bits and blades for the concrete industry

Suomen Timanttituote manufactures blades and bits customized directly for the client in addition to its basic products. “The concrete industry in particular buys many specialized bits and blades”, says entrepreneur Janne Maunuksela. The company also repairs and maintains the machinery and equipment it sells. As a new product the company has started to import dust control equipment, since dust control work has increased due to an increase in building renovations.

Suomen Timanttituote has around ten competitors in Finland. “Central Finland is well situated, because our toughest competition is located inside the Helsinki metropolitan area ring road”, Maunuksela says. “Our clients in the north especially are glad when products are available closer to them than Southern Finland”, he continues.

Still, the company has clients all over Finland, and some in Sweden and Estonia as well. The company ended up in Muurame because good facilities were available there. “Muurame’s business-friendly reputation also influenced our decision to acquire the facilities”, says Maunuksela. Co-operation is smooth with other businesses in Muurame.

Leader support for hiring a sales representative

The company has sought to widen its customer base by hiring a sales representative in 2008. JyväsRiihi ry provided start-up support for hiring the sales representative. In addition, the company received development support for designing its product catalogue and for participating in the builders’ exhibition. Maunuksela found out about Leader support from other entrepreneurs in Muurame.

Maunuksela is more than happy with the co-operation: “No other outside party has given me as much help as an entrepreneur as JyväsRiihi”. Maunuksela praises the local action group: “A small business owner is always short of time and there is no time to go digging for information, but JyväsRiihi managed my affairs well from start to finish”, he continues. The company has managed to widen its customer base with the help of their sales representative.

The hiring of more sales representatives is planned. The entrepreneur himself does not have time to travel around the country and little time has been left for marketing. Marketing mostly works through the grapevine, and that should be focused on. Improvement is on the way, with an online store and product catalogue being completed for the company. Expansion into renting specialized machines is also planned, with the aim of hiring a new employee to run the operation. So Maunuksela has several irons in the fire, but he enjoys it and entrepreneurship in general. “Positive feedback from clients is the best thing about running a business”, he concludes.

Text and photograph: Hanna Luoma