The Friday of the Amaze me Leader event began at full speed

Amaze me Leader 26th August in Joensuu Region, North Carelia

The international group of Amaze me Leader participants began their day at full speed when the Friday activities started with a downhill car race at the old mine in Outokumpu. The video shows the type of vehicle driven in the race.

The Amaze me Leader downhill car race was an excellent warm-up for the for the Downhill car race which will take place on Saturday, 27 August for which the local downhill car association has received Leader financing.

At noon the contestants climbed up to the Liperi church tower and took part in building a fence. Later in the day several more activity points await the participants in the Joensuu region, including a visit to a pottery and making nesting boxes for birds and baking rye bread.

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