Important actors

Important actors involved in the Rural Development Programme for Mainland Finland include The Agency for Rural Affairs (Mavi), and the Ministry or Agriculture and Forestry’s rural development unit and rural network unit, as well as various regional and local stakeholders.

Mavi oversees application and payment procedures related to the subsidies available through the programme.

The ministry’s rural development unit negotiates with the EU Commission, and is responsible for the preparation and updating of national rural development strategies and programmes, as well as the monitoring of their implementation.

The ministry’s rural network unit coordinates the nationwide Finnish Rural Network, producing related services including training, internal communications, and measures designed to spread good practices.

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

The Agency for Rural Affairs (Mavi)

ELY centres (centres for economic development, transport and the environment)

Forestry Centres

Finnish Forest Research Institute Metla

Finnish Environment Institute SYKE

Forestry Development Centre Tapio

The Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners (MTK)

Forest Management Associations

Finnish LEADER

Mainland Finland’s 55 Leader Local Action Groups (and the Åland Leader Local Action Group) support rural development in their respective regions in accordance with their own programmes. They also provide useful advise on projects related to rural development.